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THE JAP JI: The Message of Guru Nanak.

An extensive explanation of the basic principles taught by Guru Nanak [1469-1539] with comparative scriptures cited. The translator presents a literal translation of the Punjabi text [also included] with an introduction and commentary. Also includes a biographical study of Guru Nanak.

PRAYER: Its Nature and Technique

“True prayer consists of withdrawing the spirit within with a pure mind and fully devotional attitude. Such a prayer cannot but bear fruit in abundance and in no time.” Discusses all forms and aspects of prayer, from the most elementary to the ultimate state of “praying without ceasing.” Also includes collected prayers from all religious traditions and the talk Simran as appendices.


A straightforward explanation of man’s ultimate opportunity – Spirituality, the science of developing higher consciousness in man at the level of the soul, and making one transcend from mere body consciousness into Cosmic and then Super Cons-ciousness, so as to enable one to understand the working of the Divine Plan.


“In the beginning was the WORD. . . and the WORD was God.” Quotations with com-mentary from Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian and other sacred writings confirm the universality of this spiritual manifestation of God in religious tradition and mystical practices.

CROWN OF LIFE: A Study in Yoga

The ultimate aim of all yoga, at-one-ment with the Supreme Lord, is the focusing point of this study of comparative yoga. All the important forms, ancient and modern, are taken up in turn, their practices explained and discussed, and the extent to which each can lead us toward the final goal is evaluated. The standard for comparison is Surat Shabd Yoga, the Crown of Life, the highest form of Yoga. Religious parallels and various modern movements are cited.


If there is always at least one authorized spiritual guide on earth at any time, what are the characteristics which will enable the honest seeker to distinguish him from those who are not competent? This book is recommended to seekers looking for a suc-cessor to Kirpal Singh — a complete study of the supreme mystics and their hall-marks.


Collected questions addressed to Kirpal Singh in private correspondence, together with respective answers organized by topic. Also includes various messages given on special occasions.


Originally two separate books, now bound in one volume. When you sow a seed, it will bring forth similar seeds. There is action-reaction, then again a reaction; there is no end to it. The meaning of one’s life on earth and the Law of Karma [the law of action and reaction] are examined in The Wheel of Life. In The Mystery of Death: They [the Masters] point out and demonstrate to us the way to conquer the seemingly invincible and terrifying death and thus become fear-free….and ultimately rise to realize our divine nature and see oneness in God – the All-consciousness and bliss.


A transcription of a series of talks given by Kirpal Singh between October 1967 and January 1969. “My new book Morning Talks,...which covers most aspects of Spiri-tuality, is a God-given textbook to which all initiates should constantly refer, to see how they are measuring up to the standards required for success in their man-making. I cannot stress sufficiently the importance of reading this book, digesting its contents, and then living up to what it contains.”

THE NIGHT IS A JUNGLE: 14 talks from Sat Sandesh

The first four talks cover the whole range of spiritual teachings. The following talks explain in detail the necessity of a Master, the role of the Master on Earth, the changes that must take place within the disciple, and how to overcome difficulties

on the Path. The final discourse explains how the busy householder can reach the final goal without leaving his work and family by making the nights his “jungle”.

THE LIGHT OF KIRPAL: [Heart to Heart Talks]

A collection of 87 talks given from September 1969 to December 1971, containing extensive questions and answers between the Master and western disciples visiting His ashram in India at that time. [A slightly different version of this book was published under the title Heart to Heart Talks.]


During 17 days in August 1974, preceding His physical departure on August 21st, Kirpal Singh gave 15 darshan talks, mostly in the form of questions and answers, to a small group of disciples at His ashram in India. Also included is the text from His August 1974 address to the Parliament of India, and the 1971 darshan talk, True Meditation. 


Definitive statements from various talks, books and lettersby the author, reorganized by topic to illuminate the aspects of self-discipline pertinent to Spirituality. Relevant questions are answered. This collection allows the reader to research by topic.

Available in one soft cover book or three separate volumes.


Collected short writings of Sant Kirpal Singh, including some of the booklets, circular letters, and seasonal messages. Included is a brief biography of Baba Sawan Singh, the author’s Master, plus many pictures.

Other Books


Issued by World Religions Conference Reception Commitee, 12 Lady Hardinge Road, New Delhi.

UNITY OF MAN CONFERENCE: February 3/6, 1974

Information about the emergence of this book

Source : The ocean of grace divine – Page 158-159 - Experiences of Daram Vir Sharma

„…I remember that the First Unity of Man Conference was scheduled to start on 2nd Februrary 1974. Only five days before, Master ordered me to produce a souve-nir program, explaining that it must be ready by the se-cond day of the Conference as the Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi, was to attend. You can imagine that was a very difficult order to execute; there were no articles ready and no photographs availablelet alone the blocks-and Master wanted it ready in five days! I know it was only His special blessing that enabled us to get two hun-dred and fifty copies ready in time. When I took this copies to the Master He was very much pleased to see Hazur´s Photo on the cover...”